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    The Hell's Bay Boatworks Owners Area is the place to find exclusive information for all registered owners of a Hell's Bay Boatworks skiff.

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Captain Mike Morales
Location Corpus Christi, TX
Boat Professional
Phone 1 817-832-1045
Phone 2
Email mike@finfactorycharters.com
Website finfactorycharters.com
Capt. Chip Smith
Location Northwestern Florida
Boat Professional
Phone 1 877-340-4843
Phone 2
Email captainchipflyfishing@gmail.com
Capt. Richard Schmidt
Location Mississippi Gulf Coast
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 228-697-7873
Phone 2
Email Richardschmidt99@gmail.com
Website http://www.richardschmidtflyfishing.com
Capt. Mark Holyfield
Location Charleston, SC
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 843-790-3131
Phone 2
Email captain.mark@charlestonfly.com
Website http://www.charlestonfly.com
Capt. Eric Trout
Location Galveston Bay Complex
Boat Professional
Phone 1 409-370-8004
Phone 2
Email ectrout@live.com
Website http://www.galvestonflyfishingadventures.com
Capt. Andy Thompson
Location Miami to Key West, Everglades National Park, Louisiana
Boat Biscayne
Phone 1 786-473-3185
Phone 2
Email skiffguide1@yahoo.com
Website http://www.saltairoutfitters.com
Capt. Michael Bales
Location Charleston/ Mt. Pleasant
Boat Guide
Phone 1 352-255-8175
Phone 2
Email mikeluvs2guide@yahoo.com
Website http://www.hotfishcharleston.com
Capt. Sam Atwell
Location Treasure Coast - Vero Beach
Boat Biscayne
Phone 1 772-532-9347
Phone 2
Email Sam@downseacharters.com
Website http://www.downseacharters.com
Capt. Avery Gillett
Location Mosquito Lagoon - Indian River Lagoon
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 407-756-9425
Phone 2
Email agflyrods@gmail.com
Website http://www.currentoutdoors.com
Capt. Bryan Robinson
Location Lower Laguna Madre, TX
Boat Professional
Phone 1 956-241-5520
Phone 2
Email bryandrobinson@yahoo.com
Website http://www.flyfishspi.com
Capt. Lee Robinson
Location Florida Keys
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 305-393-0206
Phone 2 305-852-3737
Email jackpotlee@att.net
Website http://www.fishthejackpot.com
Capt. Matt Morel
Location Louisiana
Phone 1 504-416-6073
Phone 2
Email matt.morel@nocoxmail.com
Website www.paradise-plus.com/guides
Capt. Adam DeBruin
Location Keys, Louisiana, Montana
Phone 1
Phone 2 603-380-0336
Email adam@redhookfishing.com
Website http://www.redhookfishing.com
Capt. Ethan Kiburz
Location Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay, St. Joseph Sound
Boat HB Marquesa
Phone 1 727-278-4707
Phone 2
Email ethankiburz@gmail.com
Website http://www.captainethankiburz.com
Captain Buddy Kirkhart
Location Stuart, Jensen Beach, Ft. Pierce
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 772-341-3204
Phone 2
Email nightheronlighttackle@gmail.com
Website http://www.nightheronlighttacklefishing.com
Capt. William Brewer
Location Ft. Pierce -Stuart-Jupiter, Florida
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 561-510-4824
Phone 2
Email mantisinshore@gmail.com
Website http://www.mantisinshore.com
Capt. Ben Paschal
Location Laguna Madre, TX
Boat Professional
Phone 1 214-704-3158
Phone 2
Email lagunamadreoutfitters@gmail.com
Website http://www.lagunamadreoutfitters.com
Capt. Allen Cain
Location North Carolina
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 336-613-2975
Phone 2
Email allenc4593@gmail.com
Website http://www.sightfishnc.com
Capt. Christopher Hargiss
Location Sarasota, Tampa Bay
Boat Professional
Phone 1 727-501-2484
Phone 2
Email flyquestcharters@gmail.com
Website http://www.flyquestcharters.com
Capt. Ryan Eidelstein
Location Biscayne Bay
Boat Biscayne
Phone 1 305-812-1185
Phone 2
Email ryan.eidelstein@gmail.com
Capt. Benny Blanco
Location Everglades National Park - Flamingo, Upper Florida Keys
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-431-9915
Phone 2
Email captbennyblanco@aol.com
Website http://www.fishingflamingo.com
Capt. Steve Robinson
Location Texas, Lousiana, Everglades
Boat Professional
Phone 1 281-734-5847
Phone 2
Email sjrobin2014@gmail.com
Website http://www.gulfcoastedgellc.com
Capt. Ben Rogers
Location Pine Island Sound, Idaho, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park
Boat Professional
Phone 1 315-269-6383
Phone 2
Email ben@lostwaterfly.com
Website www.lostwaterfly.com
Capt. Paul Nocifora
Location Naples, Everglades
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 239-206-0177
Phone 2
Email captpaulnocifora@gladesflyfishing.com
Website www.gladesflyfishing.com
Capt. Rob Alexander
Location Crystal River, St. Petersburg
Boat Professional
Phone 1 727-871-0522
Phone 2
Email alexanderfamily4@hotmail.com
Capt. Ward Michaels
Location Everglades National Park
Boat Professional
Phone 1 407-851-1909
Phone 2 321-246-0814
Email michaelshuntingandfishing@gmail.com
Capt. Rob Glasser
Location Charleston, SC
Boat Guide
Phone 1 843-224-7763
Phone 2
Email rglasser@1ira.com
Website http://www.fishingcharlestonsc.com/
Capt. Ryan Lambert
Location Cajun Fishing Adventures - Buris, Louisiana
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 (985) 785-9833
Phone 2
Email cajnfish@aol.com
Website http://cajunfishingadventures.com/
Capt. Jason Sullivan
Location Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay
Boat Professsional
Phone 1 (954)864-0592
Phone 2
Email risingtidecharters@gmail.com
Website www.risingtidecharters.com
Capt. Keith McBride
Location St. Augustine, Florida
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 904-669-9493
Phone 2
Email kamchappy@comcast.net
Capt. Alan Niblett
Location Homosassa, Ozello, Crystal River
Boat 16' Waterman
Phone 1 352-220-1771
Phone 2
Email ajniblett@gmail.com
Website http://www.homosassafly-fishing.com
Capt. Jerry Perez
Location Biscayne Bay, Everglades National Park, Florida Keys
Boat Professional
Phone 1 786-517-7261
Phone 2
Email jp2436@gmail.com
Capt. John Frazier
Location Mosquito Lagoon
Boat Guide
Phone 1 386-426-6330
Phone 2 386-527-6561
Website www.inlandfishingcharter.com
Captain Barry Kanavy
Location Andros Island, Bahamas. Long Island, New York.
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 516-785-7171
Phone 2 516-238-7642
Email captainbarryk@mac.com
Website www.naturalanglers.com
Capt. Chance Gulick
Location Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, Banana River
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 321-431-0173
Phone 2
Email lowlandscharter@aol.com
Website http://lowlandsfishing.com
Capt Dan Kolenich
Location Coastal Alabama, Mobile Bay, Mobile - Tensaw Delta
Boat Professional
Phone 1 251-422-3474
Phone 2
Email info@captdankolenich.com
Website http://www.captdancolenich.com
Captain Joe Johnson
Location West Coast of Florida - Tampa Bay to Cabbage Key
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 941-587-8969
Phone 2
Email joesaflea.johnson1@gmail.com
Website http://captainjoecharters.com
Capt. Alonzo Sotillo
Location Upper Florida Keys, Biscayne Bay
Boat Professional
Phone 1 954-684-2705
Phone 2
Email tidesrightcharters@gmail.com
Website http://www.tidesright.com/
Capt. Brett Martina
Location Apalachicola, FL
Boat Marquesa, Glades Skiff
Phone 1 850-323-0124
Phone 2
Email fish@apalachinshore.com
Website http://www.apalachinshore.com
Capt. Ryan Booth
Location Florida Keys, Biscayne Bay, Flamingo
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 305-606-4551
Phone 2
Email DeepSouthFishingCharters@gmail.com
Capt. Chris Daly
Location Florida Keys - Islamorada
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 305-394-7701
Phone 2
Email captchrisdaly@comcast.net
Website http://www.flipsidecharters.com
Capt. Scott Dykes
Location Coastal Georgia
Boat Professional
Phone 1 912-585-1593
Phone 2
Email georgialighttackle@gmail.com
Website http://www.georgialighttackle.com
Capt. David Accursio
Location Flamingo, Everglades,Upper Keys, Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-431-1686
Phone 2
Email dragginitoutcharters@gmail.com
Website http://www.dragginitout.com
Capt. Brandon Ferri
Location Mosquito Lagoon
Boat Professional
Phone 1 386-690-4824
Phone 2
Email onthespotcharters@yahoo.com
Capt. Kyle Clark
Location Mosquito Lagoon - Indian River Lagoon - Florida Keys
Boat 18 Waterman
Phone 1 386-871-7551
Phone 2
Email clarkcharters@aol.com
Website www.clarkcharters.com
Capt. Todd Monson
Location Florida Keys, Louisiana
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-393-5003
Phone 2
Email capt.toddmonson@gmail.com
Website http://www.outofthebluecharters.com
Capt. Luis Cortes
Location Florida Keys, Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-762-2279
Phone 2
Email fishfirefly@gmail.com
Website http://www.facebook.com/fireflycharters
Capt. Jesse LeBoeuf
Location Tavernier, Florida
Boat Boca Grande
Phone 1 305-394-2098
Phone 2
Email jesseleboeuf@hotmail.com
Website www.gottaluvitcharters.com
Capt. Ken Chambers
Location Naples / Marco Island
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 239-289-0984
Phone 2
Email ken@backcountryguideservice.com
Website www.backcountryguideservice.com
Capt. Eli Whidden
Location Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay, Florida Keys, Tampa Bay
Boat 16 Waterman
Phone 1 305-338-9566
Phone 2
Email sightfishingsouthflorida@gmail.com
Captain Braden Powell
Location Charleston, SC
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 406-531-4219
Phone 2
Email mtflyfish@gmail.com
Website www.fishwateroutfitters.com
Captain Jarid Malone
Location Sabine, Galveston and Port O'Connor, TX
Boat Professional, Whipray Classic
Phone 1 281-850-8247
Phone 2
Email jarid.malone@me.com
Website http://www.jmflyfishing.com
Capt. Tuck Scott
Location Beaufort, South Carolina
Boat Professional
Phone 1 843-271-5406
Phone 2 843-524-5250
Email tuck@baystreetoutfitters.com
Website http://www.beaufortfishingguide.com
Capt. Ted BenBow
Location Upper Florida Keys
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 305-393-0363
Phone 2
Email ebenbow@aol.com
Website http://www.skinsandfinscharters.com
Capt. Donnie BenBow
Location Upper Florida Keys
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 305-393-0363
Phone 2
Email ebenbow@aol.com
Website http://www.skinsandfinscharters.com
Capt. Derek Rust
Location Marathon, Florida - Central Keys / Everglades
Boat Biscayne
Phone 1 775-267-7967
Phone 2
Email captderekrust@gmail.com
Duane Harris
Location St. Simons Island, Georgia
Boat 18 Waterman
Phone 1 912-269-9378
Phone 2
Email seageorg@bellsouth.net
Captain Justin Leake
Location Panama City, FL Panhandle
Boat Guide
Phone 1 850-258-7780
Phone 2
Email pcinshore@gmail.com
Website http://www.panamacityinshore.com/
Captain Tim O'Brien
Location Harlington, TX
Boat Professional
Phone 1 956-778-4450
Phone 2
Email obrientimm@gmail.com
Website http://www.LLMflyfishing.com
Captain Joel Gittings
Location South Carolina
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 803-571-3562
Phone 2
Email AnglePursuit@aol.com
Website http://www.anglepursuitcharters.com/
Captain Scott Taylor
Location Pine Island Sound, 10,000 Islands
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 970-946-5229
Phone 2
Email tarpon@laidupcharters.com
Website http://www.laidupcharters.com
Captain Rob Munoz
Location Biscayne Bay, Upper Keys
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 786-223-3474
Phone 2
Email captrobm@hotmail.com
Website www.biscaynesportfishing.com
Captain Mike Lansdon
Location East Central Florida Titusville to Ft Pierce, Florida Keys
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 321-243-9266
Phone 2 Instagram : @Langtown
Email lansdon87@gmail.com
Captian Nelson Diaz
Location Pine Island Sound, SW Florida
Boat Professional
Phone 1 239-810-0656
Phone 2
Email captnelsondiaz@aol.com
Website http://www.mycaptivafishingguide.com
Captain Omar Guillen
Location Biscayne Bay, Flamingo, Upper Keys
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-528-2371
Phone 2
Email captomar@extremeinshorefishing.com
Website http://www.extremeinshorefishing.com
Captain Steve Tejera
Location Florida Keys, Flamingo, Biscayne Bay
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-283-8059
Phone 2
Email capt.steventejera@gmail.com
Website http://www.knottightcharters.com/
Captain Richard Black
Location Florida Keys
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-395-0311
Phone 2
Email 1blackfly@gmail.com
Website http://www.blackflycharters.com
Captain Richard Campiola
Location Florida Keys
Boat Biscayne
Phone 1 603-475-1292
Phone 2
Email rcampiola@comcast.net
Captain Brian Esposito
Location Florida Keys, Everglades, Louisiana
Boat Biscayne
Phone 1 954-592-0844
Phone 2
Email captbrianesposito@gmail.com
Captain David Chouinard
Location Tampa Bay
Boat Biscayne
Phone 1 732-610-9700
Phone 2 727-953-6296
Email dave@chouinardoutdoor.com
Website http://www.chouinardoutdoor.com
Captain Michael Bruner
Location Charleston, SC
Boat Guide
Phone 1 843-860-6536
Phone 2
Email captmichaelbruner@finsandflies.com
Website http://www.finsandflies.com/
Captain Drew Howell
Location Shellman Bluff, Ga
Boat Professional
Phone 1 912-266-7567
Phone 2
Email shallowwaterpursuits@gmail.com
Website http://www.shallowwaterpursuits.com/
Captain Barkley Daniel
Location West Central Florida, Ft. Desoto to Anna Maria Island
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 727-743-3763
Phone 2
Email barksquirrel@gmail.com
Website http://www.secretsquirrelflyfishing.com
Captain Jim Hale
Location Miami, Everglades National Park, Florida Keys
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 786-255-1788
Phone 2
Email jim@floridasportfishingcharters.com
Website http://www.floridasportfishingcharters.com
Captain Doug Henderson
Location Northwest Florida, Louisana Marsh
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 307-690-9661
Phone 2
Email saltedflats@gmail.com
Website http://www.saltedflatsflyfishing.com
Captain Mike Mann
Location Mosquito Lagoon; Indian River
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 386-295-5991
Phone 2
Email mannsurf@yahoo.com
Website http://www.fatfishguide.com
Captain Scott Swartz
Location Ft. Myers, Sanibel, Pine Island Sound
Boat Guide
Phone 1 404-550-6890
Phone 2
Email Capt.scott@embarqmail.com
Website http://www.floridaflyfishingschools.com
Captain Chris Wilson
Location Charleston, SC
Boat Guide, Glades Skiff
Phone 1 843-224-7462
Phone 2
Email captchriswilson@yahoo.com
Website http://www.charlestonflyfishingguide.com
Captain Alan Jackson
Location Hilton Head, SC
Boat Waterman 16, Marquesa
Phone 1 843-338-3017
Phone 2
Email ajax16@mac.com
Website http://www.NearShoreGuidingLLC.com
Captain Pier Milito
Location Flamingo, Islamorada, Biscayne Bay
Boat Guide
Phone 1 786-295-4466
Phone 2
Email captainmilito@aol.com
Website http://www.fishingadventurecharter.com
Captain Mark Giacobba
Location SE Florida, Everglades, & Biscayne Bay
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 561-789-2983
Phone 2
Email pescefiles@aol.com
Website www.captmarkgladesoutfitters.com
Captain Foard Houston
Location Devine, TX
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 830-663-5005
Phone 2 210-415-4401
Email foardhouston@wildblue.net
Website http://www.sandyoaksranch.com
Captain Bill "Z" Zbieszkowski
Location Port Aransas and Upper Laguna Madre, TX
Boat Guide
Phone 1 361-790-5166
Phone 2
Email captainbillz@aol.com
Website http://www.FishBillZ.com
Captain Jack Teague
Location Coastal Alabama
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 305-304-3993
Phone 2
Email finaticcharters@bellsouth.net
Website http://www.capnjackcharters.com
Captain Tommy Locke
Location Boca Grande, Homosassa
Boat Boca Grande
Phone 1 941-964-0083
Phone 2
Email tommylocke@embarqmail.com
Website http://www.capttommylocke.com
Captain Jeff Legutki
Location Naples, Marco, 10,000 Islands, Everglades City
Boat Professional, Whipray
Phone 1 239-293-1664
Phone 2
Email captjefflegutki@aol.com
Website http://www.naplesfloridaflyfishing.com
Captain John Stark
Location Pine Island Sound, Estero Bay, Everglades City, Chokoloskee Island
Boat Whipray 16
Phone 1 239-248-5142
Phone 2
Email John@naplesguidedfishing.com
Website http://naplesguidedfishing.com
Captain David Mangum
Location Santa Rosa Beach, Apalachicola, Louisiana
Boat Marquesa, Waterman
Phone 1 850-534-4349
Phone 2
Email shallowwaterexpeditions@hotmail.com
Website http://www.shallowwaterexpeditions.com
Captain Tom Campbell
Location Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Mexico Beach
Boat Waterman 18
Phone 1 850-225-3813
Phone 2
Email capt.tom@destiny-unbound.com
Website http://www.destiny-unbound.com
Captain Hugh Smith
Location Destin, Apalachicola, Pensacola
Boat Professional
Phone 1 850-830-7714
Phone 2
Email unksmith@aol.com
Website http://www.bonescharters.com
Captain Jack Teague
Location Lower Keys, Key West
Boat Waterman
Phone 1 305-304-3993
Phone 2 1-888-fin-atic
Email finaticcharters@bellsouth.net
Website http://www.finaticcharters.com
Captain John Donnell
Location Islamorada, Florida Keys
Boat Guide; Whipray; Devilray
Phone 1 305-394-1454
Phone 2
Captain Randy Stallings
Location Florida Keys, Islamorada, Key Largo
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-587-0307
Phone 2
Email randystallings@yahoo.com
Website http://islamorada-fishing-charter.com
Captain Mike Vaughn
Location Florida Keys
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 305-745-2800
Phone 2
Email info@heliconfishing.com
Website http://www.heliconfishing.com
Captain Mike Makowski
Location Upper Keys- out of Dove Creek Lodge
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 305-481-0111
Phone 2
Email captmikemakowski@yahoo.com
Website http://www.blackfootfishing.com
Captain Matt Pribyl
Location Islamorada
Boat Professional
Phone 1 305-853-2546
Phone 2
Email mattprib@bellsouth.net
Website http://www.floridakeysflatsfish.com/
Captain Jim Blackburn
Location Florida Keys, Lower Laguna Madre, TX
Boat Guide
Phone 1 970-846-1734
Phone 2 956-748-3585
Email jimbosjumbo@yahoo.com
Website http://www.grandslamfish.com
Captain Tommy Robinson
Location Apalachicola, St. George, Key West
Boat Marquesa
Phone 1 877-6-REDFISH
Phone 2
Email robinson@flaredfish.com
Website http://www.floridaredfish.com
Captain Steve Friedman
Location Islamorada, Florida Keys, Everglades
Boat Guide, Professional
Phone 1 305-393-3474
Phone 2
Email steve@afishingguide.com
Website http://www.afishingguide.com
Captain Joe McNichols
Location Everglades City, Ten Thousand Islands
Boat Guide
Phone 1 239-821-3305
Phone 2
Email icdfish@aol.com
Website http://www.icdfish.com
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