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Certified Pre-Owned Page Label
Purchase a Pre-Owned
Hell's Bay Skiff with Confidence

Hell's Bay Boatworks Certified Pre-Owned Skiffs

Hell's Bay Boatworks is proud to offer our Certified Pre-Owned Buying Experience for the discriminating flats angler. Hell's Bay Boatworks is synonymous with superior quality, design and performance. We have created our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Skiff Program to ensure Hell's Bay quality in all stages of ownership. Our CPO Skiff Program guarantees each pre-owned skiff has passed our rigorous certification inspection and meets the quality standards that our customers have come to expect. You can be confident your investment in a Hell's Bay CPO Skiff will perform to our standards.

The Hell's Bay Pre-Owned Certification Process

Inspection - A complete analysis is performed on each system of the Hell's Bay CPO Skiff.

  • Structural – All structural components including the hull and deck are inspected.
  • Electrical System – All electrical systems and component are tested and approved.
  • Power System – A full analysis on Engine performance is performed and verified.
  • Appearance Standards – First impressions are everything! All scuffs and scratches are,
    removed to ensure this skiff meets the appearance requirements of a Hell's Bay.

Certification - Each Hell's Bay CPO Skiff has been inspected in detail and reconditioned by our factory certified technicians. All systems, including the hull and deck are evaluated against our superior quality and safety standards. Once this process is complete, a plan is developed and each Hell's Bay Skiff is meticulously brought to our certified status. Each system is then rigorously tested on the water and verified for compliance to our quality standards. Once all the certification standards are confirmed, the skiff is ready for purchase by a proud Hell's Bay Owner.

The Benefits of Buying a Certified
Pre-Owned Hell's Bay Skiff

  • Hell's Bay Boatworks certified inspection process
  • Hell's Bay Boatworks exceptional buying experience
  • Hell's Bay Boatworks Genuine Service after the sale